Would you like to know what’s behind xonox.home? A young team of fun people who are constantly tinkering with creative designs and seeking out unconventional ideas. That’s why we always have a vacancy for committed people who love their job. Whether in product development, sales, logistics, customer service or in one of the other departments that ensure that our furniture turns a flat into a home every day. Sound exciting? Then apply today. Send your speculative application to . We look forward to hearing from you.



Four oF us.

We started out as a duo and are now 28 creative, clever, humorous and unique people. You can’t help but want to work with them. Here are four of them:

The mixture of creative and creative thinking makes for a varied working day for me. It’s particularly nice that the team supports each other with advice and assistance.

– Chiara / at xonox.home since 08/2021

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” After 20 years in the furniture industry, it’s not easy to upset me. Trade fairs, parental leave, crazy deadlines? All good, especially when we work together to find solutions.

– Michael / at xonox.home since 07/2021

I really appreciate the creative freedom and all the creative juices that flow at xonox.home and generate wild and exciting ideas.

– Alexander / at xonox.home since 07/2021

“Work isn’t everything for me.” Chances are, if you eat, drink, exercise and nurse a hangover together, you’ll go the extra mile together at work too. I really enjoy beating the people I work with. Who would have thought that Kay is an absolute barbecue fan or that you can put Alex in his place by beating him at table tennis.

– Andrea / at xonox.home since 07/2021