We are a young team of like-minded people. We develop and design, we calculate and plan, we improvise and get the cow off the ice, we fail and we shine. Occasionally in exactly this order. With a fair amount of experience in the development and marketing of affordable furniture, we work professionally on ideal collections that are never boring, amazingly affordable prices and slick processes. Do we make mistakes in the process? Of course we do. Those who always do everything wrong are not thorough enough. Those who always do everything right are not brave enough. We give 100% every day. At least!



Starting a furniture business in 2021 is certainly not for everyone. A pinch of courage (or something like that) is definitely required. Whether there is a perfect time to start a business is the question anyway. In any case, we are convinced that the time is ripe for us to take the reins completely into our own hands. To do our thing at full throttle. WOW. It feels good.

In the meantime, some great people have already put their trust in us and taken off with us. Despite all the differences, there is one common denominator. Everyone likes their job. Together we pull together. Sounds cheesy, but that’s how it is. We are xonox.home.


Bernard on Jürgen: Didn’t Fritz Walter once say: “Jürgen Klinsmann and me – we’re a great trio. I mean a quartet.” And I couldn’t agree more. I always knew that if I’d start a business, it would be with Jürgen and no one else.

– Bernard Tenge / Founder

Jürgen on Bernard: We’re a bit like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. We don’t always agree, but we do find ways to make things work out in the end. We know and appreciate each other’s strengths and we both believe in hard work, trust, enthusiasm, experience and daring.


– Jürgen Drake / Founder
Why do we exist and where do we want to go?
What is typical xonox.home and what makes us special?